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AloeVera Baby products

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Location: South Africa - Nationwide
Number: 079 048 7293
Categories: Baby Safe Cosmetics/Products, Products for Baby, Products for the Nursery, Products for Toddlers, Healing & Alternate Healing, Natural & Organic Products, New Mom Support Groups,
AloeVera Baby products

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For Baby Washing - Wash baby in diluted Aloe Liquid Soap. This product is a no tears formula so if it does splash in baby’s eyes it will not cause discomfort. Dry baby’s skin and if required apply Aloe Activator on cotton wool. Leave to dry for a minute and then apply Propolis Creme. The Propolis is a natural protective substance that will help to support the baby’s natural defences.
NB Always apply a little of the cream and activator to a small area as a tester if this is the first ever application.

Baby's gums - Aloe Vera Gelly can be applied directly on to the gums. It is very cooling for the baby. It is perfectly safe to apply several times per day and will cause the baby no harm if accidentally swallowed.

Baby's head- When required wash baby’s head with Aloe Liquid Soap and then massage the Aloe Vera Gelly into the scalp and leave overnight. In some cases you may find it beneficial to do this a couple of times per week. These products are fairly concentrated and so only a small amount is required.

Also some products for mum:
1. Relaxation - As a new mum you will need something that is soothing and refreshing to calm and promote wellbeing. Try Forever’s Weak Aloe Blossom Tea, made with boiled water and then cooled. The fennel, Camomile and Aloe Blossom are very calming and soothing. (One tea bag will make approximately 2 pints of herbal tea).
2. Skin care - Massage with Aloe Moisturising lotion or Aloe Vera Gelly daily in the early stages of pregnancy to keep the skin moisturised and lubricated. Later on you may find a massage with Alpha E Factor beneficial. 
Also, try Forever’s Aloe Heat Lotion for a luxury massage, offering blissful relief when required both during and after pregnancy. Massage it in gently and it will penetrate deeply as and where applied.
4. For breast feeding mums - Prior to and after breast-feeding apply Aloe Vera Gelly liberally to the nipple area. If required, you should also apply Propolis Creme and Alpha E Factor which contains a soothing essential oil called bisabolol. Both of these products can be beneficial when required as enhanced skincare products for mums who are breast feeding.

If you have any questions as to the use of these products for mother and baby please feel free to send me an email and I will be glad to help

AloeVera Baby products
AloeVera Baby products

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