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Location: Delivery throughout SA
Time: Mon-Fri 08:00 - 17:00
Cost: R400 delivery included
Ages: Toddler to Adult
Number: 012 991 1534 / 082 323 8918
Categories: Healing & Alternate Healing, Natural & Organic Products,

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Do you suffer from bladder pain or urinary tract infection? Waterfall D-Mannose is the fastest and completely natural way to treat UTI, commonly known as bladder infection!

A natural anti-inflammatory, it quickly reduces inflammation and, cleans away debris and sticky bacteria from the urinary tract and bladder, restoring your bladder to a state of natural health.

How does it achieve this? The cell walls of most bacteria are covered with fimbria (hair-like molecular projections with mannose receptors) that stick like velcro to the bladder and urinary tract, making it very difficult to rinse them away by urination.

The molecular structure of Waterfall D-Mannose makes it work like the other half of the velcro. The bacteria is bio-chemically attracted to the D-Mannose in the urine, and is flushed out when you urinate. Waterfall D-Mannose is a completely natural, fast, effective, and hypoallergenic treatment, bringing sweet relief to the UTI sufferer. Works fast, even against antibiotic-resistant infections!

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