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RavDen Healing

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Location: Gauteng
Ages: Children
Number: 082 083 0722
Categories: Classes for Moms, Support Groups, New Mom Support Groups,
RavDen Healing

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Allow me to guide you on how to enjoy being the best mummy you can be. Helping you deal with those baby blues. Showing you methods of how to deal with one of the most life changing moments in every womens life. Having a baby of my own has changed my life in so many ways, experiencing the roller coaster of emotions is something that is unexplainable. I went from okay I know what to do I'm all set, to not yet I don't think I can do this. To oh my God I can't believe how beautifully precious she is. To I'm afraid to touch her what if she breaks. To why wont she latch on. Why is she crying, there was a point where I would cry too. To sitting in wonder how is it that other women are just natural at it. And they are fantastic. I offer Support Sessions to New Moms, teaching skills like how to Bath, Massage and Exercise both baby and Mom. Moms learn how to bond with little ones and keep their sanity. Also so that they don't lose out on spending the most precious moments due to lack of support. The sessions are on a one on one bases with baby and mom. They are judgement free so both mom and baby can be themselves.

1 Reviews have been submitted
Rene Neethling on 26 January 2016

I am interested. What is the prize and do you come to the mommy's house?

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